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Our Services
The Membership Services
  • BAC Arts Guide: This pamphlet announces all members' events from September to the end of June. A directory of all groups is listed for information. Community distribution is in September. visit online
  • BAC Newsletter: This quarterly newsletter is sent to all members and sponsors to keep them current on the activities of BAC and informs them of other organizations' activities. visit online
  • HACE Directory: Community wide directory, categorizing the Heritage, Arts, Culture and Entertainment Sectors.
  • HACE Web Site: Information focusing on community wide events in the Heritage, Arts, Culture and Entertainment Sectors. click here to visit HACE
  • Advocacy: BAC acts as an advocate on art issues.
  • Resource: BAC Board and staff are available to act as resources or mentors in art business skills.
  • Liaison: BAC acts as liaison linking the artists with the public.
  • Rental Reduction: BAC member groups qualify for reduced theatre rentals.
  • Funding: BAC, as a charitable organization, acts as the "flow through organization" for funding to groups who qualify.
  • Sponsorships: Allocates sponsorships, when funding is available.
  • Photocopying Service: We offer photocopying to our members at a reasonable rate.
  • Postage Meter Service: Large mailings can be done at the normal postal rates.
  • Meeting Space: Board Room is available to our member groups at no rental fee.
  • Information Centre: BAC maintains a library of information on arts-related groups and activities. Information on funding and reference materials is available.
The Brampton Arts Council Student Awards and Bursary Program
  • An Artistic Achievement Award and a bursary given to a graduate in each Secondary School in Brampton, recognizing outstanding accomplishment in arts achievement.
  • Total value of the program is $2,500
The Community Arts Program
  • This program exists to financially support Community arts groups in mounting annual performances of plays, music, art shows, etc.
  • The sponsoring corporation would receive high profile recognition through a special advertisement or flyer in the program of each performance or show, and would have the opportunity to promote their corporation to an estimated annual audience of 4,500 people.
The annual contribution to the Community Arts Support Program is targeted at $50,000 which could be shared with a number of interested operations.
The Professional Arts Support Program
  • This program is intended to provide funding to enable the BAC to attract professional artists and performers of a high caliber to perform, show art, or teach and assist members of the community and community arts groups in the City of Brampton.
  • Bringing quality professional artists into the community enriches our local culture and quality of life, and creates many economic "spin-off" benefits for the local economy.

This program has a number of components including:

  • Professional Theatre Program: The sponsorship of professional theatre productions for The Heritage and L.B.Pearson Theatres, bringing quality professional theatre to the City of Brampton.
    The annual contribution to the Professional Theatre Programs is targeted at $20,000.00
  • Artists in Residence Program: A new proposed program, the artist in residence program has been created to encourage professional artists to work in Brampton and create original works with a Brampton connection. The works of art would then be displayed publicly for the enjoyment of the citizens of Brampton.
    The annual contribution to the Artist in Residence Program is $30,000.00
  • Professional Artist Development/Workshop Fund: This fund will make it possible to provide much needed opportunities for the development of artists and groups, through workshop and seminar opportunities, conducted by professional arts instructors.
Total annual contribution to the Professional Artists Development/ Workshops Fund has no set dollar limit.
The Brampton Arts Council Endowment Fund
  • The arts fund program recognizes that it can be difficult for smaller organizations to balance their long-term goals of building an endowment with their day-to-day operating needs.
  • The program is providing additional flexibility for smaller organizations. An arts organization, with a base of less than $500,000, can receive matching funds for all money raised toward its matching limit.

The Brampton Arts Council Endowment Fund will be managed by the Ontario Arts Council Foundation and has no set dollar limit.

Revenue received for this endowment fund would be invested as per Government investment standards, and the interest earned from the fund would be allocated to events that meet defined funding criteria.



  • Those wishing to apply for individual or group funding from the Brampton Arts Council, may do so in writing. Funding applications will only be reviewed when the Council has excess funds available for distribution.