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About Us - History of the Brampton Arts Council


L-R: Consultant Roger Jones, PR Chairman Mary Mullen & Joanne Cole. (1986-1987)

The Brampton Arts Council was originally formed as “The Performing Arts Council” in 1978 and represented 12 Performing Arts Organizations in Brampton. Its mandate was to foster and promote the performing arts by providing a unified voice for all the arts in Brampton.

In 1982, The Performing Arts Council expanded to include all art disciplines and officially changed its name to the Brampton Arts Council, representing the Performing, Creative, Visual, Literary and Media Arts in the City of Brampton. It became a non-profit (1984), charitable (1989) organization. The City of Brampton formally mandated the Brampton Arts Council to be the “mandated community organization” to foster and promote the arts in Brampton. The Brampton Arts Council follows the City of Brampton’s Policy of the Arts, developed in 1983. The City provides core funding grants to the Arts Council to enhance its operation.

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L-R: President Licia Vreugde, ED Marnie Richards & BCAF ED James Boyd. (2007-2008)