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In the Fall of 1999, the BAC formed a HACE™ steering committee to strategize how to accomplish a community-wide desire to see the heritage, arts, culture and entertainment (HACE™) venues, activities and events lead the way to revitalizing historic downtown and ultimately the whole city.

The HACE™  Steering Committee consisted of Bill Kriesel, Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation; Dennis Cutajar, then Executive Director of Economic Development and Public Relations; Neil Davis, Board of Trade Representative; Tina Fanzo, Business Representative; Bob Crouch, Heritage Representative; Brampton Arts Council Executive Committee and the Brampton Arts Council Executive Director.

A HACE™ Handbook and Business Plan were developed and a program.  The program is an innovative approach to implementing strategies at the local level, targeting specific segments of the labour market.  This approach is innovative because it recognizes a segment, which is underserviced in many aspects from an entrepreneurship perspective.

The HACE sector comprises the following stakeholders and proponents, in no particular order:

  • Performers
  • Facility/Venue Owners
  • Retailers/Merchants
  • Suppliers to Retailers, Facilities, Business Services
  • Media
  • Volunteer Agencies and Boards/Programmers and Schedulers
  • Entertainment
  • Arts
  • Historic Building Owners/Tenants
  • Government (Municipal; Regional; Provincial and Federal)
  • Enthusiasts/Customers
  • Tourist Operators/Promoters

Components of the HACE™ Program

Art In The Open (formerly known as Artists’ Alley) was the first component of the HACE™ Program. Since the invitation of the City’s Economic Development Office to join the City’s Farmers’ Market in 2000, Art In The Open provides local artisans and crafters the opportunity to sell their original hand-made products. By providing this service, the artists & artisans that produce these original works, make the Art in the Open an authentic social and cultural experience of Brampton.

The HACE™ Business of the Arts Workshops is a second component of the HACE™ has annually, since 2001, attracted not only top level experts as presenters but also special guests i.e. Derek Wicks (international visual artist); Amy Sky, Marc Jordan and Ric Emmett (song writers, performers); Murray McLaughlan (song writer, performer, poet and visual artist); and Evelyn Hart (ballerina).  Suzie McNeil (singer & songwrite), Ian Thomas (song writer, performer and author). Dini Petty & Skip Prokop headlined as presenters in 2010.

Arts Incubator - In 2001, the Brampton Arts Council worked with a group of professional visual artists to form Beaux-Arts Brampton, with the purpose of managing the incubator. The Brampton Arts Council also negotiated for Theatricality Plus Theatre School to be located in downtown.  These entrepreneurship projects have proven to be quite successful.

Success Stories - In 2010, enlisted the public’s help in contributing to a growing list of Brampton professionals who worked in the arts industry, from household names like Michael Cera and Russell Peters to those who were beginning to build a name for themselves and made a notable contribution to history.

Potential economic impact of the HACE™ Sector in Brampton

Expenditure Categoryy 2010

Total Potential Spending Per Year

% Local

Brampton Share
of Total Spending


Arts, Antiques & Decorative Wares




Artists Materials, Handicraft, Hobbies




Collectors Items (not works of art)




Live Sports Events




Live Performing Arts




Admission: Museums, Galleries, Etc.




Grand Totals



Estimated: Source: Statistics Canada Expenditure Catalogue, 1998.  We believe that the number of Brampton Households would be adjusted to reflect a larger number.

  1. Cultural Industries not only add directly to a communities’ coffers, but may also be the prime reason people visit the city.
  2. According to a U.N. Conference, cultural industries world wide are estimated to account for 7 % of the world’s gross domestic product.
  3. Travelers rank arts, heritage and other cultural attractions as 1 of 5 reasons they visit a destination.
  4. 18-34 demographic is most represented in cultural tourism.