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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the Brampton Arts Council do?
A. The Brampton Arts Council is a charitable, multi-arts, umbrella organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the arts in the City of Brampton. Representing numerous artists and arts groups, the Brampton Arts Council encourages and recognizes excellence in the arts across the community. Its membership consists of art groups and individual artists/artisans in the performing, visual, literary and media disciplines. It is not only supported financially through group and individual membership but also corporate sponsors and the following: Ontario Arts Council, City of Brampton and Brampton and Area Community Foundation. The Council is governed by a Board of Directors.


Q. Where can I go to take art classes? Theatre classes? Etc...
A. You can quickly obtain this information by clicking the following link to our group membership directory. It will display a variety of organizations for your choice.


Q. How can I get involved with the local arts scene?
A. The Brampton Arts Council acts as liaison linking the artists with the public.
A favourable way would be to join the Brampton Arts Council as a member which will enable you to use the membership services we offer. We would then welcome you to provide us with an insert/brochure about yourself and/or your services to be circulated with our quarterly Newsletter. You will have the opportunity to be part of our weekly Newsflash that lists all upcoming events related to the Brampton Arts Council and its membership. In addition, an “Arts Guide” is produced twice/year, listing a Calendar of Events for that period as well as a Directory of Member Groups. Furthermore, you will be listed on our website with a link to your contact information. This is a great resource for the local community when searching for particular services and/ or disciplines.


Q.Does the Brampton Arts Council fund artists?
A. As the City of Brampton is not a grant-giving municipality, the BAC does not have access to a constant supply of granting funds. However, the BAC has set up a “Community Arts Funding Program” in which corporate and individual donors can contribute. The amount that accumulates varies from year to year, thus our amount of funding varies. Each case needs to be individually reviewed as certain criteria need to be met before any approval may be granted. If you are a member group of the Brampton Arts Council and wish to receive information on how to request funding for a small project, please submit your request in writing to the Executive Director, Marnie Richards. She will make sure you receive the criteria and application package.

Q. I would like to form an arts group, what is the best way to do this?
A. There are several options depending on what type of group registration you’re looking for. We recommend that you meet with the Brampton Arts Council’s Executive Director, Marnie Richards, who can advise you of the appropriate initial steps to get you started.

Q. How can I get the word out?
A. You may take advantage of our quarterly Newsletter publication, “ArtsTalk”, inclusive of a full colour insertion “Ad Page” in which you may choose to advertise for a minimal cost. This advertisement is also published on our website for three months.
You can be listed under the "HACE™ Directory" which is a community wide directory, categorizing the Heritage, Arts, Culture and Entertainment Sectors: http://www.artsbrampton.ca/hace_directory.asp. This is now an interactive web directory. It is available to our members for FREE and to all non member individuals, groups and businesses in arts related fields for a nominal fee. HACE™ also provides information focusing on community wide events in the Heritage, Arts, Culture and Entertainment Sectors.

Q. What member services does the Brampton Arts Council provide?
A. Aside from the ones listed above, other services consist of the following.