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Maureen Adams Named the 2006 Arts Persons of the Year
Congratulations to Maureen Adams!
Maureen is a proud puppeteer and has been for over 50 years. She is a chartered member of the Ontario Puppetry Association since its formation and is also a member of the Puppeteers of America. She was the co-founder and President of the Puppetry Guild of Halton/Peel.
Maureen became interested in Marionettes when she was a children’s librarian in 1951 in Niagara Falls. During that time, she attended a Puppetry Course in Kingston, with her late husband, John. She said recently that she was somewhat apprehensive about conducting ‘story time’ for the library but discovered that using Marionettes gave her great confidence. She became interested in the “drama” side of puppetry and John was interested
in the “audio” side. After her move to Saskatoon, she was involved in a T.V. Show for the Saskatoon Library. By that time, she and John were also making marionettes.
Maureen and her family moved to Brampton in 1962. Shortly after, the Adams Marionettes was formed and “puppetry” became a family affair, with their children becoming part of the productions.
Maureen breaths puppetry. She has become a great resource in our community, bringing the history, the construction and performing of puppets. She can talk for hours on the subject making sure we understand how vital this form of art is. If you have a chance to watch Maureen work a marionette, you will become riveted to and drawn into her performance. Ken B. McKay wrote a book on this art, calling it “An Art to Enchant” (Maureen and John are also featured in the book). Maureen has never stopped promoting this “Art to Enchant”.
Maureen says the use of puppets are an excellent communication tool. She feels this art has made her aware of drama, colour of nature and a love of the theatre.
Her philosophy is that people need to not strive for what you want to do but what you are good at - find your niche. She said that she was so fortunate to have found her niche as a children’s librarian, which lead to becoming involved in this form of art.
We thank Maureen Adams for bringing her love of puppetry to our community, for so many years!